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What is the vision for Experience North Georgia?

The Experience North Georgia “ENG” project is focused on helping people discover new adventures within the North Georgia region. Simply put, Experience North Georgia is a site where you will be able to search for things to do in the North Georgia region. This site will be free to the users who are looking to find + book + review outings. If you have a business that is in North Georgia and would like to be listed on our site please email

From booking a kayaking trip down the Etowah river to visiting local winery, ENG will help you discover your next experience.

“We have the perfect mix of everything: mountains, lakes, rivers, city’s and small businesses all waiting to be discovered.”

As of August 2020 we are still working on implementing the booking feature to our site. We have added some merchandise that can be purchased in support of this project. We look forward to helping you discover your next North Georgia Experience!


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